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Welcome Back!

It’s nice to be back! The 24/7 Mama is just so busy with the kids and at home. Yes, no more helper in the house and I’m taking care of my two kids. I’ve been planning to update my blog so many times but I really don’t have the time to sit down and write. Believe me, no more “ME” time. :( But promise, this time I will try to post something that makes me happy… something that’s worth sharing. :)


My Loves

Look at the kiddos; our lil’ lady and lil’ man. :X

This photo was taken before going to church and while I was dressing up. The kids are so big now;  very playful and always goofing around each other…

Hopefully, they will always be best friends… forever! :X

Mr. Handyman

I came across this site, while looking for a handyman online. The pipe in our bathroom is leaking and our handyman, Handyman Azurin was so busy. :) When I found this, Mr. Handyman Azurin was able to identify the items needed to fix the leakage problem. The problem is that, it is an online shop based in the US which means I still have to contact another handyman who can provide the materials since some materials were not available on small hardware. This must be done as soon as possible hopefully before the Lunar New Year!

Hello, 2014!

Happy New Year! It’s my first post for the year 2014 and first post after almost a year. Oh, where have I been? First,  I cannot access my blog, I am receiving an error message and lastly, I was so busy with the kids… as always! Whew,  I miss my blog and journaling our family activities. So here it goes…

2013 was quite a good year for us… except from the last month that Alvin was hospitalized. Anyway, we were more than happy that before the new year starts, he was already doing well. Thanks God. On the other hand, the kids are growing up very fast… Growing up  very smart and charming.:X And me, I still have to shed some pounds that I gained during our holiday break in Manila!

From our family:

I’m Back!

What happened to me, my last post is last April 29?! Anyway, I’m so back as in back in Manila! Due to the haze in Singapore, me and the kids we’re forced to come home earlier than our scheduled vacation. So now, here we are… I’m loving my stay here since our home is finally complete except for Alvin who is still in Singapore. Well, a few more weeks and he’ll be back home. We misses him already!

Well, the kids are also having a great time here. Though TamTam will be absent from his school for a month… I’ll see to it that he will have a busy day at home. Bad me, I forgot to bring the aquabeachwear that I recently bought so that he can enjoy dipping in the pool (while inhaling the Metro’s pollution :D ). By the way, TingTing will be celebrating her first birthday in Jollibee.:)

Here’s the kiddos now…

Time really flies so fast… :D

Birthday Party at School

TamTam will be having a Mickey Mouse themed party in school. Well, he is so inlove with Mickey Mouse especially the Hotdog dance!

I already booked a cupcake supplier and was able to buy party souvenirs / give aways online. I am also thinking of sending personalized invites to his classmates so I need to look for someone who can do envelope printing nicely. Hmm… should I really send invites?

I am so excited for my lil’ boy!!! :)

I’m Back!

Promise, I will try to update my blog regularly. It’s just that I am so busy with my motherhood duties… Anyway, our lil’ girl just turned nine months the other day and our lil’ boy, TamTam will be celebrating his 3rd birthday in school! Yes, he is now attending Nursery 1 class. Time really flies so fast…

Next time, I’ll upload some of their recent pictures before TamTam delete it from my iPhone! Grrr, he deleted some of my pictures before I had the chance to backed them up. I should get a cd duplicators since I want to save my pictures in multiples. Well, the photos of my kids are so precious to me… That’s why I have 4,000+ pictures in my iPhone. :D

Blog Hopping

It’s past 2:00 AM and I am very much awake… I couldn’t sleep because of my back ache. So here I am blog hopping. Oh, I just want to share this blog entry for all the married couples. This entry, After Saying I Do, Go Build a Hedge!, was posted by Joy T. Mendoza in her blog. It was long but it’s worth reading…

New Year’s Resolution

For this year, I will try my very best to:

1. Be organized!

2. Be very very very patient with the kiddos (only). :D

3. Be more health conscious.

4. Stop complaining.

5. Be more friendly and nice.

6. Be always thankful.


8. Be nice to everybody.

9. Always say thank you.

10. Smile.

11. Always look good.

12. Clean my closet! Let go of those old clothes that I am no longer using.

13. Exercise!

14. Read at least three books in one year.

15. Listen. :)




I’m Back!

This is my first post for the year 2013! I have no entry for the month of December because we don’t have an internet connection in Manila… Yes, we just came back from our three weeks vacation and it was so bitin! :) I have so many stories to tell… observations, insights and experiences from our recent vacation.

Here’s our December activities:

December 17, we attended my cousin’s wedding. TamTam is a bible bearer and we are just so proud of our lil’ boy!

December 22, TingTing’s Baptism. Gosh, I should make a separate post for this since I have lots of horror stories to tell. *Sigh*.

December 25, Christmas Day! :)

December 28, Alvin and I celebrated our seven years of togetherness. No fancy celebration… it’s more of  a family trip; we just visit the land where Alvin and I dream to build our very own ‘home’. The land is from the South so it was a really new experienced from us since we are from the North. Thanks to my brother’s GPS application, we found the place! His iPad deserves the best crimson mounts available for cars. Anyways, it was just a short trip… and the weather was too hot!

December 30, we attended the Alday’s Family Reunion. Alvin and the kiddos were not included in the picture  because TamTam got fever that day and Alvin is looking after TingTing who is sleeping by that time.


Happy New Year!!!