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“Speak when you are angry – and you’ll make the best speech you’ll ever regret.”

On Budgeting

For a housewife, budgeting is such a tough work (or is it for me only?)… No matter how hard I try to eliminate unnecessary expenses, I couldn’t! Well, a large part of our monthly expenses goes to food… grocery and dinning out. We both agreed that we should not deprive ourselves from dining out every weekends and buying stuffs that we like… This is fine with me especially now that he has tons of work in the bank, eating and shopping is his therapy.:)

It’s a great relief for us that the condo unit that we are occupying here in Singapore is shouldered by Alvin’s company as well as the utilities. But still, we are alloting some money in our Makati place… the high association dues that include taxes and home insurance / building insurance is killing me! Other expenditures include phone bills, transportations, healthcare and insurance, medications and bank loan payments.

Lately, we are over budget.:( Hmmm… Now, I should start tracking our expenses, especially the small purchases that we make to really know how much we really spend to adjust our budget… Or somehow make it realistic :)

Missing Home…

We’ve been here for almost two months… Strange dahil I miss home though literally we’re home! Maybe because it’s not planned that we’ll be staying here for quite a long time… and for the same reason na we’re here hindi dahil bakasyon but because of some unwanted condition… The original plan was only two weeks kaya naman ilan piraso lang ang dala naming damit ng asawa ko. =)

Katulad nga ng sinasabi ko palagi sa mga friends ko, kung meron man kaming nami-miss sa Pilipinas ay yun ang mga mahal namin sa buhay na naiwan dito… Aside from that wala naman masyado pero siyempre there’s no place like home! :) Kung dati ay nangungulit ang aking nanay na mag webcam kame para magkita,  ngayon siguro ay sawa na ang aking nanay sa amin ng asawa ko. :)) Tagal na din naming border dito, yun nga lang sandali lang kame nakumpleto… Ngayon naman ay si Loleeta naman ang nawala, training siya ngayon sa isang ’probinsya’ sa China. :)) Kaka-miss din si Lolee, kahit na nga ba puro kain, tulog at diet kuno ang aming routine dito sa bahay! :)

Naalala ko pa before kame umuwi, nakalista na kung ano yung mga namimiss namin foods, para yun ang kakainin namin… Pero ngayon, sawa na kame sa mga fast foods at yung mga na-crave namin na foods! Pano ba naman, one week kame nag-stay sa aming mini house kaya puro kame pa-deliver ng foods dahil hindi nga kumpleto ang mga gamit namin doon! Ayun, nasawa na kame sa pagkain… kaya naman nung bumalik ulit kame sa Nanay ko, na-miss namin ang lutong bahay! :)) Ngayon naman, i miss my cooking and baking experimentation. :) Ang dami ko na gusto i-bake at gusto ko na ding mag attend ng short time cooking/baking lessons… Malapit na kase ang pasko, feeling ko lang mas maganda ipambigay ang homemade goodies sa aming friends for Christmas. :)

Hopefully, we’ll be back sa aming ‘second home’ by second week of October… Dun na kame mag Christmas at mag New Year. Sana lang madalaw ulit kame ng Nanay at Tatay ko…

kaisipang Dapat Isipin…

Tuwing nag-iisa ako dito sa bahay (which is most of the time :( ) naitatanong ko palagi sa aking sarili kung ito ba talaga ang gusto ko, ang maging isang plain housewife? Nung nag-aaral kase ako, alam ko na ito ang gusto ko… Maski nung bata pa ako… Gusto ko kase yung “ideal” family set-up, wherein the mom stays at home with the kids and yung dad ang bread winner… When I was a kid kase, yung Lola ko at yung kasama namin sa bahay lang ang lagi ko kasama, kaya I said to myself, that won’t happen to my kids… But when I started to get serious with my studies (later part of my college days) mukhang nag iiba na ang gusto ko… I am always thinking if I can give up my career at siyempre part of that is yung pinaghirapan ko nung college…

Honestly, hindi naman ako likas na matalino. I really have to study hard para lang pumasa… Sayang nga yung mga naunang taon ko sa college dahil hindi ako nag seryoso at nagtiyaga sa pag aaral. Nung later part na lang ako bumawi, thanks to Eds and Pol! Lagi ako inaaya mag aral kaya wala ako choice… hehehe :)) . Naging favorite ko tuloy ang Unit Operations at Thermodynamics.

Nung nag-review naman ako for the board exam, naging favorite book ko ang Fundamentals of Chemistry and I started to appreciate the Unit Operations Book (old version, forgot the author :) ) than the version of McCabe. I consider my books as my greatest possesion during that time… my Perry’s Chemical Engineering Handbook! No matter what happens, I’ll keep my books forever. :))

When I started working, ang hirap pala… Not on the mental part but on the physical aspect plus the fact that my salary is just enough for me, malaki pa nga yata allowance ko nung nag aaral ako. :) I enjoyed working, yung interaction with different kinds of people, learning new things and the pressure that boost my thinking ability most of the time. :) I also love to dress up for the office… Kahit na nga ba mukha akong guro sa office uniform ko. :) Dati, sobra hirap ako gisingin ng nanay ko every morning but now I miss the morning rush… :( I miss dressing up every morning… my pointed shoes… :)) my friends… :( my paper works… learning new things… interaction with different kinds of people… my balanced scorecard… my ATM card :)) … I miss everthing!

Ilang beses na namin pinag usapan ng asawa ko ng issue na magbalik work ako, pero as usual… ayaw niya. Pumapayag nga, masama naman ang loob. :( Palit daw kame… Honestly kung kaya ko i-earn yung benefits and salary nya, I’ll gladly trade my place with him… :) He wanted me to start a business pero ang hirap… to think na nasa malayo akong lugar at wala sa Pilipinas. I’ve worked in an office wherein I had the chance to interact with businessmen and I also handled the Business Processes of the Company, dun ko nakita na hindi pala madali magtayo ng business. There were so many things to consider… Every aspect dapat alam mo… plus the economy and your target market… Hindi yata biro pumasok sa isang negosyo na hindi mo alam. Hindi komo me capital ka e your capable to put up your own business. Pwede, oo, pero sa wala lang mauuwi iyon…

Sa dami ng kaisipan na ito, hindi ko na alam kung saan ako papunta :-/ … Finding my own career in a corporate world? Business tycoon? :)) or an executive housewife for life?